Itazura na Kiss – 23

Kotoko tries to help Matsumoto and Sudou when they have problems after Matsumoto is admitted to the hospital.


I thought this episode was great. The best part was the conflict that Matsumoto was having with Sudou. For the most part Kotoko’s pregnancy didn’t really affect anything too terribly much. It seemed like this was mostly centered on Matsumoto and Sudou, which was rather nice as they are one of the couples that they haven’t really shown anything happening for. Although they aren’t really together, the existence of Sudou’s feelings has been around for a while, and they did a segment on Chris and Kin, so it’s nice that they cover other couples too. I’m sure that in the future we’ll see them together more, as Matsumoto really seemed to realize Sudou’s feelings.

I’m sure the pregnancy will be the main focus of the next episode. They’ll probably end up skipping ahead to the end of the pregnancy and any problems that come from that. I don’t’ expect them to really show them actually raising the child except maybe at the very end in a kind of epilogue, which is a bit of a shame as that could have been interesting to watch.

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