D. Gray-Man – 101

Leverier takes Lenalee to have innocence put in her so they can fight off the Level 4.


This episode was alright, though nothing spectacular. It seemed, for the most part, to just set up for the next episode when Lenalee gets her innocence, and I’m sure kicks total ass with it. There were some more interesting parts though, when they focused a lot of Lenalee having the innocence forced on her, or choosing to have this done and knowing the dangers. There was an overall since of distress involving Lenalee getting the innocence put in her, but nothing was really that focused so they didn’t get as much out of it as they could, but it was still very interesting.

This episode made me more curious in Kanda again. He has some very weird powers that they haven’t really even begun to explain, probably tied in with his tattoos. It seemed in this instance he somehow stopped the big attack fro the Level 4, saving Komui and then all of the injuries he sustained, were healed. That seems like a pretty big ability, though I’m sure it’s somehow limited. I just want some kind of hint as to what’s going on, as the only thing we know so far is he has some weird tattoo, has strange powers, and there’s something to do with a flower.

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  1. Definitely a lot of mystery with Kanda. Somehow he’s able to use his life force to recover from these devastating injuries. How the heck that is possible since it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with innocence itself, I’m not sure. Already know that the poison from the akuma won’t kill him like a normal person and he took those blasts fairly well. Only thing we can speculate is that the tattoo spreads as more of his life is consumed. Like Allen and I suspect Lenalee they are trading in lifespan to fight. Though Kanda seems to have another goal that he’s surviving for.

    In the end it just keeps hitting home how this war has screwed a lot of people up. Lenalee forced to fight because she was compatible. Her brother going into the Order for her sake and thus being caught up in it as well.

    Also the weird connection between Rouvellier and Hevlaska. What his family did to gain prestige and be high in regards to the Order. Also calling Hevlaska when he was a child a slayer of her kin. Honestly there has been a lot of mystery surrounding Hevlaska and so its nice to get some hints as to what may be going on here.

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