Special A ~S.A.~ – 24 [Final]

Everyone goes to London to try and bring Kei back.


I thought this episode was wonderful. I’m very pleased with the ending. I was afraid they would do something at the end of the episode that would completely undo any romance that they developed, and even though they left off on a non romantic note, it didn’t undo the romance focus they had just before it, it was great. I thought they tied things up perfectly.

On a smaller note I’m glad they brought back Yahiro and Sakura for this episode, as they were pretty important. It was interesting to see that the relationship between Megumi and Yahiro isn’t completely over. I’m glad because without that relationship. There was no one for either Megumi or Yahiro.

Final Words:

This series has been interesting. It started off being absolutely nothing like I expected it to be. When I got the synopsis of the show and from the general ramblings of other people it seed that this would be somewhat of a shoujo show. I figured there would be a lot of focus on romance. While there did end up being some, tit was hardly the series high point. The show focused more on random challenges and comedy about how Hikari keeps loosing to Kei. Ultimately it was disappointing that they didn’t make as big of use out of the romance as they could have, but in the end they did focus on to, and the show isn’t horrible if you don’t expect it to be something else.

One of the high points of this show was the story between Akira, Tadashi, and Yahiro. I was blown away with how interesting this story was, especially considering the series main characters seemed to be Hikari and Kei; Yahiro seemed to be this evil guy but then it turns out that he decided to be hated by the one he loved in order to protect her, then we find out about this history between Tadashi and Akira and we see them realize their feelings and the most miraculous thing about it is that it actually leads somewhere. They don’t just stumble around and end up no where, they actually start going out. It was one of the best parts of this series.

2 thoughts on “Special A ~S.A.~ – 24 [Final]”

  1. Well that’s the end and I’m glad we at least got a last appearance for a few characters. Pairings really made more progress for almost everyone else than KeixHikari. I guess it makes sense since I don’t think the manga is done and they need to keep things interesting. Still great to get Tadashi and Akira together officially. Still have some of their comical moments, but he can also get her blushing with his bluntness about things.

    Do have a better opinion of Yahiro at the end of it. Don’t agree or like some of the things he did, but can understand them. Seems like things will go fine with Megumi. Harem Jun strikes again in this one to take care of the entire maid staff. Was actually nice to have that small moment with Megumi to show their bond even when his other side comes out. Again the pairing with Sakura seems solid.

    Overall it wasn’t a bad experience. Some weird things happened like Aoi and Kei’s grandfather for no real reason giving up. But there were some great characters and some nice stories mixed into it. If we had focused all the time on the leads and ended at this kind of point I wouldn’t have enjoyed it much. But because the other characters got their development and relationships I can leave with a better overall impression.

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