Special A ~S.A.~ – 22

Kei takes Hikari on a date to try and help her figure out if she has feelings for him or not.


I thought this episode was good until the very end. I was so excited about the end of this episode. The majority of the episode leading up to the end wasn’t really anything special, but then Hikari finally realizes she loves Kei and is about to say it. Then she’s interrupted, but I’m even fine with that. Hen she went away, although she didn’t say she loved Kei out loud, she finally realized it herself. But then BOOM everything gets pretty much ruined when she thinks loving him means loosing. I just desperately hope that in the final episode it’s not taken back. They can take it back until then, but at the end I hope they don’t, however I feel they will unfortunately.

It seems that there will be only two more episodes left. I’m sure it will involve Kei going back to London or not, as I’m sure that’s why the S.A. was closed, because of Aoi’s influence and using that as something to push Kei to finally go along with him. I don’t think he’ll go, even thought he romance seems to undo itself all the time, its still there and parting from Hikari would be something Kei isn’t willing to do, however Aoi and Kei’s grandfather see stubborn enough that something else will have to be done, but I have no idea what.

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