Special A ~S.A.~ – 20

Sakura continues to pursue Jun even though he knows of his condition yet Jun runs away.


This episode was A LOT better then I thought it was going to be. I was disappointed with the previous Jun episode because it took a situation which could have become something serious and interesting and made it into some extremely bizarre comedy situation. While they still had that in this episode to some degree, as the condition that Jun still turned into a different Jun was still there, the episode was at least a lot more focused on some serious aspects of everything. There was actually very little comedy surrounding Jun’s transformation in this at all. Instead, it was the base of Jun running away from the girl he loved because he didn’t’ want to burden her. That’s a lot more of a serious thing that lead to some interesting drama then using that situation as a joke.

It seems like the next episode things will FINALLY get serious. If it has something involving Kei then it’s likely to then involve Hikari. I’m really hoping they don’t let this last chance go to waste. There has been pretty much zero Hikari and Kei relationship development. Even when they had amazing opportunities, like when Kei was sick from overworking and Hikari was there, they still somehow, bafflingly managed to make that opportunity amount to nothing. Now them taking this last arc involving Kei’s grandfather I guess, which seems to look the same age as Kei almost, won’t make up for the entire series of slow progression, but if they have at least something it will help the show.

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  1. Did like them getting into the serious aspect with this one. Was a bit of a joke before, but the implications were really looked into here. For Jun it really was a two fold problem. Didn’t want to burden someone he cared about with him collapsing all the time. Also if he would collapse from a look then he really couldn’t get close to her and it would only be painful and frustrating.

    Of course just running all the time really won’t solve anything. Guess they made the point at the end it was all about Jun’s mindset. If he was just confident and tried to be with Sakura then he wouldn’t change so much. Not sure if the inner Jun thing is gone or not, but shouldn’t be a constant problem now.

    Now it does seem like they will settle the Kei and Hikari bit. Had little things here and there but not real development. Will have to break through Hikari’s thickness in the next few episodes. Other than Ryuu the other SA members have their pairings moving forward. Sure Megumi hasn’t quite gotten together with Yashiro yet but its clearly going there. Now lets finish with Kei and Hikari.

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