Itazura na Kiss – 20

Kotoko has her nurse’s capping ceremony and hopes for Naoki to arrive to see it.


I thought this episode was done really well. There weren’t any huge events, since they pretty much just concluded one, but it really had some nice moments in it. I’m glad they showed Kotoko getting the cap and all, as it really shows that she has made it far in what she set out to achieve. I was actually a bit surprised at how cold Naoki acted initially, I thought the last episode would change a lot of things but I’m glad at the end they at least showed that it somewhat did, as it was very heartwarming seeing Naoki arrive at the church for Kotoko. The rest of the episode was interesting, but not quite in the same way. I wasn’t quite expecting the time gap like that, this soon, but it’s a good thing for the show that they did, otherwise there wasn’t really a lot they could fit in otherwise.

The end of this episode certainly surprised and confused me. I had thought that there wouldn’t really be any events like this to happen in the series and they would just conclude the anime on the newly established basis that Naoki is a bit less cold towards Kotoko and so on. However it seems like this new guy will at least be in the next episode, as he seems to know Kotoko. Though, I’m curious as to what problems he’ll bring. They’ve already had the bit with Keita and Naoki feelings jealous, so it’s not like they can really do the same thing again with a different guy. I’m not sure what role he’ll play at all, but it’ll be interesting to watch.

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