Zero no Tsukaima ~Princess no Rondo~ – 07

It’s time for the Sleipnir Ball at the academy where the students use magic to disguise themselves.


This episode had great romance development in it; I was very pleased with the ending in that regard. Finally there’s an episode where something at the end doesn’t completely undo everything that has happened in the episode. Hell, Louise wasn’t even to blame for when she did get upset. He actually did kiss Henrietta and then it seemed like he was going to kiss her again when he found out who she was. Hell, he lied in a way because of that second one. I just hope that it’s not undone in the next episode, though I have a feeling it will be to some extent.

Now the ending…that was certainly surprising. I mean…Colbert being alive? What the hell is going on? It was like almost certain that he died, in fact it was one of the best episodes and arcs of the second season was when they talked about his past and had his death scene. It seems like its cheapened now because he’s alive, but his appearance certainly brings a lot of questions about other things asides form his return, like the plane. It seems weird that they just keep finding all these planes in this world, it almost makes me think Colbert somehow visited the other world, but it seems odd that he could be able to then get back. Either that or coincidently they just found another plane, which is probably what they’ll have happen.

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