Telepathy Shoujo Ran – 08

Ran tries to help a boy in her class talk to the girl he likes before she moves away.


I liked this episode a lot. It was interesting to see an episode where they weren’t trying to solve a mystery or find out more about what happened in some town, no supernatural things affecting things but just using their powers to help someone in an ordinary situation. I don’t really want all the episodes to be like this, but this is really the first time seeing such an episode and I really liked it. Hell, they almost didn’t need to use their powers at all. The episode easily could have gone a slightly different way and have Ran talk to the guy again and convince him. Beyond learning of the situation with their powers, there’s plenty this show could do without them.

I’m really hoping for a good mix of episodes for this show. As I said above I liked this episode and the direction it took but I’d also like to see some more episodes focused on their powers. While this is an alright episode I want to see something where they focus on maybe what gives them their powers or on the whole topic of people viewing them as monsters because of their powers.

One thought on “Telepathy Shoujo Ran – 08”

  1. It really was an episode where powers weren’t that necessary. Though did give a nice flare especially with the letter. Would have liked a bit more than a flash to the contest Midori entered :). She really makes the episodes more interesting. Be it snapping at the guys line about not wanting to look like a fool or making Rui blush by telling him not to look while she was climbing up the tree in a skirt.

    Was just a normal situation with a finish that left you feeling good. Hopefully those two had a good talk and set up some long distance communication plan for when she moves away. Can’t afford to lose good friends.

    Reminds you though that kids can be jerks. Don’t think that guy was the first to wish he had some super abilities so he could take down the bullies.

    Do hope we get something more serious though at some point. I’m still waiting for explanations about Rui and his ability. Should get more serious stuff now that we’ve been away for a while. Enough time for our favourite fake teacher to hatch another plot.

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