Macross Frontier – 19

Ranka realizes the reason she wants to sing and for whom.


This episode was great in terms of both romance advancement and plot. The biggest thing for me of course is the romance. I just knew that the scene they ended with was going to happen when I saw Ranka running up the stairs. I’m just torn at what to think really. On one hand Altoh seems to like Sheryl more because eh went to the mansion and he seemed to be flying for her, but Ranka obviously likes him. I really want to find out the result of the romance part of this series more then the plot. It seems that from the preview the entire ship gets nearly destroyed and is in ruin from the attacks but I just want to know who Altoh will pick damnit. My hopes still ride on Ranka right now, as I would really prefer her over Sheryl, but unlike at the very beginning of the series I don’t hate Sheryl, I wouldn’t hate the show for her ending up with him, but I’d still prefer Ranka.

I can’t just completely disregard the plot aspect, as it was pretty big in this episode. I was a bit surprised that Ai, the pet thing actually did something. I expected it not to really play any important role; I was even expecting them to neglect explaining what the hell it was. Still, it seems Luca recognized it as something but we never actually saw it activating the eggs of Vajra or something so even now I’m a bit confused. Regardless of Ai, it seems as if the Vajra have emerged right in the ship so people are pretty screwed.

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