D. Gray-Man – 97

Allen and Bookman fight against the horde of Akuma brought into the headquarters by Lulubell.


This episode was interesting, although ultimately didn’t amount to much. They are still in the same situation and nothing much has changed. Things should get more interesting when the Generals arrive there, but for the most part it seems like they are screwed. If the Earl can just open their ark anywhere that’s nothing really stopping them from invading headquarters again. Plus with their ark opening under the egg, I don’t’ see what’s taking them so long, they should be able to just nab it, meaning the dozens of episodes leading to this point are all for nothing. This series certainly does like to keep the bad guys in control of the situation most of the time.

I’m looking forward to seeing the generals fight. We haven’t really seen anything of the two generals…we haven’t seen. I’m not even sure on their names. The big masked guy just seems like he has a giant two sided sword that he twirls really fast, while the other general definitely seems like her weapon is more interesting. It’s some cute little monkey that transforms into a giant ferocious…monkey. It just seems odd yet at the same time really cool. I want to see that little guy kill all the Akuma.

2 thoughts on “D. Gray-Man – 97”

  1. I think we have to assume they can’t just open a gate whenever they want. Or else the fight would have been over before the series started. Lulubell wouldn’t have had to disguise herself and get inside if they could just open the gate and have her walk into the room. Would like some answers from the series on this point to at least clear it up.

    Really the only safe way is to have their ark open right in front of the main gate to HQ. Though its been a while do remember that thing scanning Allen and picking up his curse. So assuming that wasn’t just a joke should be able to detect a Noah being different from a normal human. So that way Lulubell couldn’t pull the same trick twice. The canal route doesn’t have any such defence and with her ability to transform it wasn’t tough for Lulubell to infiltrate. Guess it took time to open the gate and leave for the same reason that she didn’t just open the gate immediately. Probably took some time to make preperations.

    Episode pretty much just the crazed response that HQ is going through after being completely caught off guard. Getting exorcists who are injured or have weapons in need of repair into secure locations and getting the Generals out on the move. Allen is just annoying them right now since it isn’t really slowing down the Skull transformations or stopping Lulubell from taking the Akuma Plant. Which they can’t afford to lose after all the time and effort put into getting the thing.

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