Special A ~S.A.~ – 19

Megumi goes out on a date with Yahiro in order to try and cheer him up about Akira dating Tadashi.


This episode was pretty good. I still have to stress how much I love Yahiro’s character. Although some people seem to have had some problems with the choices he’s made, I love his personality. Being the bad guy thing for the good of someone else is so interesting I find. I mean, it’s better for someone to hate you then to be embarrassed or hated themselves. In this situation, being the bad guy saying he forcefully took Megumi out would help Megumi because she obviously didn’t want to be seen with him as she would either be embarrassed or what not.

The next episode seems like it’ll feature some Kei and Hikari focus, as well as a bit of Jun and Sakura. I thought they were pretty much done with the whole Jun and Sakura thing, but it seems like they’ll have a bit of serious focus. I thought it would kind of end with the rather comical bit they had before, but it should be interesting to see. I was hoping for a bit of a serious story involving Jun before so perhaps we’ll get it here. It also seems to have Kei and Hikari in it, but I’ve pretty much lost all hope of that going anywhere just because of how long it’s taking for anything to happen.

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  1. I’ll admit being one who hasn’t liked Yahiro all that much during the series. Wanting to take the blame to protect someone else doesn’t cover everything he’s done. Making life tough for others (that competition between Ryuu and a regular student), trying to force Akira to meet with him by getting involved with her friends, making her childhood miserable due to his view on other people, etc. But he’s definitely grown as a person and that I can certainly respect. Still plays the role of the villain, but in this case just to make things easier for Megumi. Sure he teases her a lot, but also got that present to help protect her voice. So I certainly like him a lot better than several episodes ago.

    Kind of a similar trait with Megumi. She went out of her way to try and protect the happiness of her friends. Believing that going out with Yahiro would prevent him from targeting them. Hopefully she had a good talk with Ryuu at the end since things kind of got left on a strange note. Megumi is pretty cute though when she gets the spotlight. Really an interesting voice when she uses it and a good heart. Seeing through what Yahiro was trying to do by playing the bad guy.

    Hopefully the next time she plays it will end up as a win for her :).

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