Nogizaka Haruka – 06

Haruka and Yuuto go to Summer Comiket.


This episode was a lot of fun to watch. Of course any episode that focuses this heavily on anime in a show that is about a cute and somewhat oblivious girl who likes anime is going to be interesting. Seeing all the different anime show up was great. Of course, the ones that made major appearances were of course the ones all done by the same artist’s character designs, which was great because I love his work. It was a lot of fun and they mixed in a great amount of almost touching moments with the two of them and then at the end a big plot point that could mean a lot later.

I’m really not sure what could have happened to Haruka at the end of this episode that would cause a scene like what they had. I noticed the guy in the suit looking at her during the episode and I’m sure it has something to do with that, but its not like she was kidnapped or anything. She’s there at Yuuto’s house, distressed, so something happened but nothing that would put her in danger. My only guess is that there is something about Haruka being blackmailed or told she can’t do something like see Yuuto anymore or be involved in anime. Still, it seems to be the first big step towards any kind of event happening that could change the dynamic of the relationship. Hell, the title of the next episode is I love you so hopefully that will point to a big step in the romance.

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