Itazura na Kiss – 18

Keita shows more and more interest in Kotoko and gets upset seeing the way Irie acts towards her.


I thought this was a great episode. It really escalated some things that were going on in previous episodes like Keita taking an interest in Kotoko. Although I really don’t think anything is going to happen between Kotoko and Keita, in fact I’m sure of it, it’s still a really interesting and good thing that they had something like this come up. An event like this is great for getting Irie to admit he’s jealous or just become less cold towards Kotoko in general. I’ve pointed out several times before that since they got married Irie may not be a jerk anymore, but he still acts coldly towards Kotoko. Since Keita isn’t going to get anywhere I really hope his impact on this has some long lasting effect on Irie acting differently and I hope it just doesn’t turn out to be some story just for Keita.

I’m curious if they will really have much more content after this current issue gets resolved. As I said my hope for these events is that it will make Irie less cold towards Kotoko but after that happens I’m not sure what other issues can be brought up for them to deal with. Irie remaining cold was the biggest one and if this goes the way I see it, that is what will be addressed here. They don’t’ have much else to do.

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  1. Really just have a feeling Keita’s whole point is to give Irie some development. That guy only ever acts when a threat is in place. Kotoko says she will forget him so he kisses her to prevent that. Kin proposes and so Irie asks and gets permission to marry her. Now a rival shows up. Just hope it will lead to permanent development since only acting when there is a threat isn’t that impressive.

    Irie’s mom is pretty fun though. Even she couldn’t hate Keita by the end of it all. But she underestimated Kotoko’s devotion and it would take a supernatural force to change who she wants to be with.

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