Zero no Tsukaima ~Princess no Rondo~ – 06

Siesta receives a love potion that she’s pressured to use on Saito when Louise is away.


I thought this was a pretty good episode. It had almost no real value in the end, no big plot things except for some reveals that didn’t affect the episode itself, but it was still fun to watch. Even if it was temporary, yuri is always fun to watch. I thought it was great seeing the characters act like that.

I did find the two small things they revealed near the end interesting though. Although they didn’t’ have too big of an impact on this episode, I’m sure they’ll amount to a lot later on. First being a bit of a surprise with Tabitha being what seems to be an important character. She really was on the sidelines throughout most of this series and never really stood out. Although she had that kind of shy personality, that lent itself to not catching any attention really. The second was Tifa’s magic. It’s no big surprise that she has unique magic, as I think it’s kind of obvious she’s connected in one way or another to void magic, so the unique magic isn’t that big of a deal however at least we find out here some more details bout it. The memory erase power could be powerful but I’m not sure where it could be used effectively. It’ll be interesting to see if it’s actually used or just the fact she has it makes her special enough.

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