Nogizaka Haruka – 05

Shina, the girl Yuuto continuously has bumped into, transfers to Haruka and his school.


I thought this episode was a good introduction to Shina’s character. Although it’s not really an introduction since she’s appeared in two episodes before this, she wasn’t really making her debut as an important character then. Right now I’m most looking forward to her character to push for some more romance between Haruka and Yuuto. She obviously likes him, though I don’t think Yuuto has thought that way towards her. The part I see her playing the most is to make Haruka jealous and have her do something or have Shina question something about Haruka and Yuuto’s relationship that may push for it to be developed more. There’s pretty much no hope for her, but I do think she’ll play an important role.

Apart from the potential for later development that Shina brings, not too much has really progressed as far as romance with Haruka and Yuuto. There’s hardly any there at all. Haruka seems a bit oblivious to her perhaps liking him or vice versa, and Yuuto doesn’t seem to think seriously about it either. He’s just doing this because he’s nice it seems. I really wish they would show a little more. Its obvious there’s something that can happen between them, and Haruka has had the bits where she’ll get mad or something when Mika flirts with him, but beyond that neither one of them has rally shown much interest, which is a bit disappointing.

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