D. Gray-Man – 96

Allen is followed by Inspector Link so that they can determine any connection he may have to the enemy.


Wow, the ending to this episode certainly surprised the hell out of me. Even though I hadn’t ever seen the guy that Lulubell was disguised as I just figured he was another unseen branch head or something. I didn’t expect for a Noah to infiltrate the headquarters like that, seemingly kill a reoccurring side character, and then open the floodgates to completely utterly screw everyone over. It was awesome. It seemed like from the state things were in that any big action or plot might take a while to develop again from this lull, but this throws things right back into the fray.

Aside from the Lulubell bit at the end where the Akuma invade and everyone becomes totally screwed, this episode was a lot more fluff then I thought. Although that kind of sounds like a joke, I am serious. Aside form the bit at the end they seemed to transition from this huge accusation against Allen which could completely throw everything in the air and make things hectic and kind of made a joke about it with the one guy following Allen around. It was an alright episode, but I wouldn’t really want more of it. Thankfully the end of this episode pointed towards things getting serious so it should be interesting.

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