Macross Frontier – 18

Sheryl tries to leave the hospital in her condition and Ranka continues to sing for the fleet to protect them from the Vajra.


I found the bit with Sheryl in this episode really interesting. It’s nice to see her character go though such a huge change in the series. Well, not nice for her seeing as how the change is going from super popular and loved by all to being nearly forgotten. This isn’t even taking into account that she’s going to die for some fairly unclear reason; she’s been completely dethroned as any sort of singer by Ranka. It really makes me feel sorry for her. I still wish Ranka ends up with him but I’m not going to feel terrible if Sheryl does. In fact, I think Sheryl has a better shot. It will be more tragic for her if she has nothing. At least she’ll have Altoh and Ranka will have singing. We’ll see though, either way it’s interesting.

I’m really curious to find out what the whole situation is exactly with Ranka and the Vajra. There’s obviously some connection there, as back when she was kidnapped she had some connection to the queen and she’s even been referred to as the queen Now she certainly doesn’t look like a Vajra so I’m curious why she’s connected to them. If it has something to do with her birth or something or she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Either way there is something gong on there, as shown in this episode when she began to hurt when all the Vajra were wiped out. Something like that is big enough to be the major plot for the entire series so I want them to progress on it soon.

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