Itazura na Kiss – 17

Kotoko goes to her first day of nursing school and finds out all the other girls are infatuated with Irie.


I thought this was a really good episode. It had a lot of content in it. Not only did it just introduce Kotoko being in this new environment of nursing, it also had some comedy with how bad she was at it, introduced some minor characters, then set in a more serious topic of if she can really do this and if she’s in it for the right reasons, and then ended off with an even bigger serious point affecting the relationship between her and Irie. It was pretty big. They seemed to mix the comedy such as all the girls trying to find out who Irie’s wife was, with the more serious stuff.

What really interested me about this episode though was what it may mean for the next couple of episodes. The relationship with Keita became quite interesting near the end and there were definitely hints of some kind of love triangle again forming, with Keita liking Kotoko. However the look Irie gave when he saw the two of them working was great. It looks like there may be some jealousy there, and they haven’t really had Irie be jealous ever. Hopefully a confrontation by him towards Keita will not only be interesting and exciting, but will lead to a little more growth on Irie’s part in being more open and caring towards Kotoko. Although he’s not a jerk anymore I wouldn’t say, he’s still rather closed off which isn’t the best quality in a relationship.

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