D. Gray-Man – 94

The exorcists all recover from their injuries at headquarters.


I lost the original write up for this so I’ll have to do a quick one from memory. This episode was alright. It was needed that there was some kind of lull after the giant fight sequence they’ve had for a long time. I’m sure things will get really exciting soon, but between the two big tense items it’s fine.

One thought on “D. Gray-Man – 94”

  1. Was important to deal with the aftermath. There are just wounds all over the place that need to heal. Lenalee for one has needed to be put in a bed for a very long time. Kanda and Lavi will be out of commission until their innocence are repaired. Krory is just out of it due to the injuries fighting JasDevi (where are those guys anyways?).

    Good try Bak to get close to Lenalee. Sadly Komui’s defences are far too strong to take down. Love the brother sister moment though especially with him crying over her lost hair. It really was nice hair :(.

    Overall I liked the episode.

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