Zero no Tsukaima ~Princess no Rondo~ – 04

Tifa comes to the magic academy and attracts everyone’s attention, including that of a snobby girl with a lot of power.


This episode was pretty interesting. Although it pretty much had nothing to do with the overall plot, I thought the basic story of some snob noble acting the way she did was interesting enough. One thing I continue to be confused about is Saito’s status. I would think a chevalier would be much more respected then to be thrown in with a bunch of seemingly average guys from the academy. I think that Saito is the only chevalier out of them but somehow is forced to be with them, which seems a little odd. I would have though things would change a bit more after him becoming so.

I thought the romance bit they had in this episode was interesting. It wasn’t really centered on showing a lot of things involving Louise and Saito together or being in some situations that may get them close, but it seemed of focus a lot, way more then other episodes, on Louise herself kind of brooding over Saito and dreaming about being with him, then showing how devastated she was when he didn’t spend time with her. This episode kind of shifted the balance a bit. Previously it really appeared to be Louise who was the one interfering with the romance due to her tsundere nature; however this episode showed that Saito is a big part of the problem too just because of how oblivious he seems to be at times.

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