Telepathy Shoujo Ran – 07

Ran, Midori, and Rui find out the truth behind the mysteries going on at the inn.


This episode was interesting. Someone compared it to Scooby-Doo and I really have to agree on the similarities. The people pretending to be hosts to hide some normal non supernatural; crime and so on was just like that. In fact, the only actual supernatural things in this episode were only things that allowed for them to solve the mystery. I really thought a majority of this series would be these people with powers investigating strange occurrences that have to do with other powers, but it’s really turned out to be a case where these people with powers are simply using their powers to solve regular non supernatural stuff. It wasn’t what I expected. Now, this could be a case for only this episode. I’m curious if the rest of these mysteries they solve will actually involve supernatural things or if their supernatural powers will merely help them to figure things out.

I’m also wondering about what kind of overall plot they will have, if any. Right now, there isn’t much even hinted at that is going on behind the scenes. This entire series could easily just be these people solving mysteries with no big major thing to deal with in the end. They still have that teacher to deal with, but she seems more like some other random person with power and not something that could be at the root of the entire overall plot. These individual mysteries are alright, but I hope they reveal something bigger.

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  1. Unless someone beat me I so claim my Scooby-Doo reference :). Just wish they would have ended it with the old guy saying “And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling kids” :D.

    The case wasn’t exactly how I thought, but was right with it being a non-supernatural issue. The ghosts staying there weren’t bad in any regard and weren’t causing all the problems. Just having powers allowed the girls to solve this whole thing.

    Am curious how they will proceed. Be it some larger issue with their abilities and maybe even the truth behind Rui’s power. Or could just go around solving some supernatural issues and some non-supernatural things. Hard to say.

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