Special A ~S.A.~ – 15

Kei and Hikari go out on their date Sunday, even though Kei had a scheduled marriage interview.


This episode was alright, but it kind of falsely got my hopes up. This episode had such great moments in it that could have meant amazing plot and character development with the relationships and romance, but in the end it kind of all went to waste. Sakura appearing and coming between Hikari and Kei had some real promise, and it was just about to perhaps give Hikari some revelation on her own feelings or Kei’s, but even that moments became interrupted for nothing really. At least some of the past incidents haven’t been completely forgotten, so they may be able to build on the one they kind of abandoned here, but it would have just made the series and episode so much better if they would have kept up the pace with the serious focus on their feelings.

It seems like they’re going to keep focusing on Sakura for a bit, or at least continue to feature her in the upcoming episode. However, its pretty much determined that she won’t have any more to do with Kei. I’m not sure though if her inclusion in this series is going to have any amount of depth to it, like a tragic back-story for her, as right now her personality is kind of lending itself to comedy. Her inquiry to Hikari had some serious implications, but she freaked out upon seeing Jun before that could go anywhere. It may be possible to get a little back-story on Jun since Sakura is paying so much attention to him, though we already got a bit of their story when they showed Ryuu in his episode.

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