D. Gray-Man – 92

The Earl escapes from the arc, leaving the exorcists to die as everything crumbles before them.


Wow, this episode was pretty damn big. I knew that when they first started talking about this weird performer ability and the Noah that betrayed everyone that Allen would be the one with the ability. It seems like it’s a pretty damn big deal, as without it everyone who was on the arc the last couple of episodes would be history It seems like its only the kind of thing that will matter in choice places though, not like he can use it in the middle of battle, but its still a pretty important piece of the plot since it had this big of an effect on everything. I really want to know more about the Noah that betrayed the Earl and what connection he has to Allen, and if Mana has anything to do with any of this.

It seems like for the most part everything is settled now. The battle seems like it’ll be over. They’ll spend the next couple of episodes wrapping things up, but seeing as they’ve already shown Allen doing stuff via piano; the method on how they will all be saved is pretty much settled. I’m looking forward to seeing a bit of filler/fluff episodes now, considering how much intense plot and action there has been recently, it will be relaxing to see things cool down for a bit before they take off again. I’m not saying that I want there to be a lot of useless fluff episodes, but one or two after this many heavy plot and action episodes wouldn’t be too horrible.

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  1. Just for some slight spoilering, I have already watched episode 95 and looks like it starts the next manga arc after Noah’s Ark.

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