Koihime + Musou – First Impressions

I was very pleasantly surprised with this series. I thought it was going to be a lot more harem like, with one guy who ends up meeting these martial arts girls and having the series be full of stupid comedy and ecchiness. However even from watching the OP, there doesn’t seem to be any males in the cast of main characters, save for maybe one that was shown like for a split second and will probably only come in near the end. While that does more or less mean there won’t be any romance in the series, as I doubt this will be yuri, however even though I’m an advocate of romance in a series, that doesn’t bother me at all here. I think this series will be great, and just having a cast of female characters dealing with plot and character development with a good amount of good comedy, this should be good.

The amount of comedy did surprise me, as I thought this series would be much much MUCH less serious. This episode wasn’t the darkest or most serious series, but I still thought this show was going to be just full of stupid moments, but already its shown promise so I’m looking forward to this show for reasons other then just wanting to watch it for fun, like other stupid fan service slapstick comedy shows.

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