Allison and Lillia – Allison Arc End

Wow, that was amazing. I haven’t been doing a post for every episode on this series, but I have been watching it, and I figured a bit arc change would be the perfect time to chime in. This series in general has really surprised me. Not so much about it being different then I thought, but just that its this good. It’s not often to see a show with this kind of pace and setting, and they’ve done it great. The relationship between Will and Allison was one of my main points of interest and I’m very happy that they didn’t just ignore that aspect of the story.

I’m very excited about the next arc. I was a bit disappointed at first when I saw Will having to leave Allison, and especially when she was pregnant. Then, I almost got mad at the fact that Allison was going out with someone else but since its obvious it’s Will, that made me very happy. I do think it’s a bit of a shame that Lillia doesn’t know her father, and I’m really hoping that part of her arc will be finding that out. It looks like from the preview there will be some guy involved in her arc, and I’m guessing that will be her romantic interest, but I hope it’s more then that. I hope she finds out that what’s his name is Will, her father.

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