Zero no Tsukaima ~Princess no Rondo~ – 02

Siesta joins Louise and Saito as they travel to try and find the elf that saved Saito’s life.


This episode was pretty good. I didn’t really expect for Saito to become Louise’s familiar again so soon. The situation really gave them a chance for several things to happen, and for a lot of different character development, but I guess it may be more important to the overall plot that deals with void users for him to get it now. I just hope they have more moments that focus on some of the character relationships even though this one opportunity is gone. They have a lot of chances to have some comedy though, with Louise being jealous of Saito looking at Tif, but I really hope that we’ll get some more meaningful moments down the road. At least Tif isn’t just some random character there to make Louise jealous, since she does seem to have the power to bring people back to life, she’s pretty powerful and I’m sure vital to the story.

I actually have less hope then before in regards to seeing a lot of deep romance moments throughout most of the series. There still may be one of two big ones near the end, but now that they’ve brought in someone who fill s Siesta’s role but to a bigger degree there will just be more moments where Louise gets super mean and abuses Saito. Generally having Louise be so tsundere is counter productive to romance developing, so until way later near the end, I don’t’ see much happening at all, less then the second season had even.

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  1. There should have been more development of romance but because of the Deus Ex Machina ending the second season gave kinda took that out. In the orginal novels, Louise and Seista went to look for Saito while he was still missing. The rest is up tp you to find. But basically speaking, they took out a fair amount of romance development.

  2. Honestly, as much as I want it, I don’t think this series will give any hope for romantics….but hey, I always can hope.

    I was curious about why the trailer even cited that Saito’s runes were gone if they came back so soon.

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