Macross Frontier – 15

Altoh, Sheryl, and Ranka all get inspected by the government after the recent incidents.


This episode was alright, but it was mostly a recap episode, at least the first half of it. Though I must say it did a better job at being an interesting recap episode then most series have. It wasn’t just pure recap, as it had some other moments in it, but there weren’t too many huge revelations in this episode either. It seemed like this episode was mainly here to transition from the big event that just happened into whatever we’ll see next. The episode did at least end with some news about Brera being introduced as not such a mysterious character. I’m sure he’ll bring up a lot of interesting moments in the near future, but beyond that this was just a really well done recap/fluff episode.

Though as I said, this half recap episode did have a lot of things I liked in it. I loved the bit when Ranka and Sheryl were competing for Altoh by singing in front of him. I thought that scene was done really well, with the song and the both of them singing. It was a good demonstration more or less about the love triangle and how they are both actively competing for him. However my guess is that although Brera may not be a romantic candidate for Ranka, he’ll still get in the way of Altoh being with her.

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