Itazura na Kiss – 14

Irie tells Kotoko how he actually feels, following the traumatic events she just went though.


Omfg, even though I had previously said I knew things would change at this point, that after that last scene it was obvious they both knew each other’s feelings, the marriage proposal still just blew me away. This entire episode ended up moving faster then I could have ever imagined. I thought at most this episode was going to just be Irie and Kotoko actually expressing their feelings to each other. Him picking her up didn’t exactly say I love you, but it was obvious to the viewer that’s what it meant. I thought this episode would pretty much just be about Irie finally saying he loves Kotoko, however not only was it that it was also a marriage proposal, dealing with telling Chris and Kin, and then actually getting married. My god, with the pace this series moved earlier I would have expected all the events from this episode to span at least five episodes or so, I was just blown away.

I’m curious as to what the show will bring now. I really wasn’t expecting things to move this fast, but I guess it would have been odd if the conclusion to the whole ten year deal was marriage, so sometime before the end they had to get married. I just wonder what kind of problems they are going to face. Getting someone to like you or chasing after someone is one thing, as it presents conflict, but now that they are married all I can really imagine this show doing is more or less sitcom like episodes with married couple problems.

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  1. Most of these types of shows tend to focus on the problems of trying to get someone. But not many cover the problems that married couples have. They have problems as well. I say that this series is rare. Episode 15 was great but I won’t say anymore.

    I’m glad I chose to watch this series. I’m really enjoying it.

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