Strike Witches – First Impressions

This series reminded me a lot of Sky Girls. It seems to have the same premise, young girls in scantily clad fighting apparel using unique devices to combat aliens that are threatening to destroy the world. However, it’s not exactly the same. There are some rather interesting differences but I can’t really tell right now whether that will be enough to prevent this show from making the same mistakes that Sky Girls did. It’ll be interesting to see.

I do have to say that I found this episode and I believe it will continue though the rest of the series, absolutely hilarious when it wasn’t supposed to be. I thought the whole thing about it being a standard for girls to not wear any pants and just be in their underwear for their bottom half was ridiculous yet at the same time very entertaining. I found myself chuckling throughout the entire episode at this idea. I can understand maybe why it’s like that because for some reason they grow tails when using magic, but I’d think some kind of clothing would be developed that accommodated for that. Not that I’m complaining, just that it’s very odd yet very fun to watch.

6 thoughts on “Strike Witches – First Impressions”

  1. パンツじゃないから恥ずかしくないもん!

  2. I’m pretty sure the same guy was behind Sky Girls and Strike Witches. Not company overall just the individual who came up with the plot. So similarities and the resulting comparisons should be expected.

    Really is something how they have so many going around without pants. The fabric shortage has reached terrible levels. That or some strange fashions are going on in that world.

  3. To me it’s some form of social norm in the strike witvhes world which most people can’t accept. Putting our own belief aside that all women on our planet have clothing such as pants/shirts to wear I find it amusing that people can’t just accept the fact and get over it. I won’t deny it’s not fanservice but amusing to read pages of comments on the “No pants” theory, there’s no point in fighting it though ^^, just watch and be happy.

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