Telepathy Shoujo Ran – 03

Ran goes to rescue Rui when she finds out he’s been kidnapped by someone with powers similar to her’s.


This episode was great. I’m surprised at how fast they wrapped up Midori seemingly being evil and bad and how quick they made her nice. I’m glad they did that though, as it would be much more fun to see Midori working with Ran whether then a continual clichéd rivalry between them while they dealt with something else. Now they can deal with something else and any development she gets will be put to better use because you can care about a good guy more then a bad one sometimes. I was also a bit surprised at how little they talked about Rui’s powers. I mean, the bad guy said he was the key to unlocking her powers and taking over the universe and all, but they didn’t’ even seem to know or really care that he had powers once she was gone, Rui acted normal and Midori and Ran didn’t mention it at all. It just seemed that they handled it oddly, and hopefully they will touch on it a lot more later on in the series.

I’m curious as to what direction the show will go now. The first couple of episodes really were an introduction, however now everything is kind of settled from the beginning drama. Midori is pretty much on the good side now as her troubled past has been revealed and Ran has kind of understood what she’s going though. Rui has been confirmed to have powers, but not the same kind as Ran and Midori, everything is kind of set now. Either they will deal with big problems or it will be more episodic and they will deal with small non plot related problems and mysterious. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

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  1. Am surprised no one has talked about Rui’s powers. No way he can know himself and Ran doesn’t seem to be volunteering anything. But at least I was right in that he does have some interesting powers. The teacher wanting to use him as some kind of booster so she can be even stronger.

    Midori really does shift over to the good side pretty quick. Though I guess you can say that she came to that city for that reason. Someone that could accept who she is and not treat her like a monster. Can say that she isn’t going to lose all of the darker sides she shown. Just because she has a friend you can’t expect that views she had before this series will be dropped entirely. But still to a degree she really has changed. Will see how those three handle what comes next.

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