Macross Frontier – 14

The Vajra launch a full scale assault on the Frontier, while the SMS tries to defend against it and save Ranka.


This episode was great. It seems like they were really focusing on the plot aspect of the show still, which is great to see because even though so far the show ahs been great, there hasn’t been a lot of plot development. Mainly just some really interesting character and romance development. One thing I found particularly interesting was the theme of death and destruction they seemed to have going. At least when they showed Ranka, they had some quick flashbacks to all the deaths there have been and this dark theme really set in about how bad the situation of war is. The way that montage of death and destruction was set to a very beautiful and calm song was awesome, very eerie and it just set up a great mood.

I’m really worried about this cyborg guy taking such an interest in Ranka. He’s obviously not just some Galaxy survivor, as he seems to be able to see or at least interact in some weird dimension space where he’s floating. Plus he’s just too important to the plot to be just some survivor. I’m worried because he’s taking such an interest in Ranka. If he ends up protecting and saving her ore, and knows more about her powers or history, he might pose a threat to Altoh as far as romance goes, and I don’t’ want to see that. He doesn’t really seem like he’s an evil guy, just following orders, but he knows what’s going on way more then most people which makes him kind of dicey.

2 thoughts on “Macross Frontier – 14”

  1. It’s 99% certain that Brera Sterne is Ranka’s long lost brother.
    In Episode 13 you can see a blonde boy in Ranka’s memories. And he knows Aimo, a song that Ranka’s mother taught her when she was very young. Add to this the strong desire to protect his little sister and you have a winner.

  2. You really got an odd feeling at the end of this one. When the slaughtering of the Vajra got started it just didn’t sit right. The Vajra if I’m remembering the episode right were affected by Ranka’s singing. The situation didn’t have to finish like this, but it did end on a dark note. With Ranka’s strange connection to the Vajra could understand her tears. Seems like getting the Frontier group to use nukes and respond like this is going according to plan.

    Oh well good to get plot development.

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