Special A ~S.A.~ – 13

All of the members of the S.A. are forced to attend normal classes in a normal school for three days.


I thought this episode was done really well. I thought the overall setting of this episode was very interesting, even not taking into regards the stuff about Akira’s past it could have made a very interesting episode. The reactions of everyone to each of the sets of people were great to see. I almost hope that they would continue to have another episode set in the same situation, but it seems fro the preview that they are back in their regular special classroom.

A lot of really interesting Akira development was here. One of the things I’m most surprised about was that there seemed like there could be something that might happen between Akira and Tadase. Well, maybe not in the anime series, but the manga perhaps. I don’t think at the rate the anime is going they would get that far. However there was a moment there where Tadase kind of saved some of Akira’s reputation and Akira looked at him and her face got red. I had thought that Akira may patch things up with Yahiro or something for a love interest for her, however from what this episode showed he is still a total asshole bastard, as he seems like he’ll plan to do something to screw with Akira. If he’s still doing stuff like that, I don’t see anything happening between him and Akira, but hopefully they’ll show more of that in the series, as it’s some of the better development they have going on. Because of how slow Hikari and Kei’s story is going, mainly due to Hikari’s being so dense, Akira’s story has more promise then the main couple.

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  1. Was interesting to finally get some information on Akira’s past. Yahiro really made childhood hellish for her and its no wonder she hates the guy. Not like he hasn’t changed much with the plots and apparently planning on messing with her next episode. He really doesn’t get it. With Kei being so inward looking it seems like it took time for him to take a stand against this. Hopefully as this is explored we’ll see everything that happened.

    Good job by Tadashi coming to the rescue. You can see the hints of TadashixAkira here and there. Saving a girl in trouble is a pretty good move after all. Almost expected it to go back to the class after he said he liked getting hit “that guys a masochist?” But instead it just lightened up the situation :).

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