Itazura na Kiss – 13

Kotoko tries to decide what to do regarding Kin’s proposal and Irie’s interest in this new girl.


Wow, this episode really surprised me. For the most part this series has seemed rather carefree and not that serious. Event he previous episode when they introduced this potential love rival and someone who posed a serious interference to Kotoko, it still didn’t seem all that serious. However in this episode we have Kotoko really coming to terms with what she has to do regarding someone who likes her and who she likes, if she has to settle or remain alone forever. Then we see Irie’s true feelings, as it’s revealed he is the one who kissed her when she wasn’t looking. It’s interesting to see that in a time when things really matter, he kind of stops playing this game of pretending not to care and he really does.

I’m curious as to how the rest of the series will go after this. Considering the series is supposed to span 10 years, what we’ve seen so far isn’t more then two, which means they have quite a lot to go. However it seems that already we’ve come to somewhat of a conclusion, seeing that Irie really does care about Kotoko, that Kotoko has resigned not to settle for anyone other then Irie, it’s hard to imagine a lot of drama they can really create now.

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  1. This’ll probably one of the few shows out there where the two lead characters (finally?) hooking up doesn’t spell the end of the story. It’ll be reeally interesting to see what the 2nd half of the series has in store for us :D

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