Telepathy Shoujo Ran – 02

Ran confronts Midori about her powers and asks why she’s doing such things.


This show really is progressing very well. It already has great makings of plot development. I didn’t expect this show to have any overall plot in it; I just thought it would be a collection of random episodic mystery solving. However there is already a big mystery on what this power is exactly, how Rui’s power is related, and who this person is who’s doing these dark dark things. I think it’s obvious that the cloaked person who set Fumi on Ran and Rui, and who kidnapped Rui, isn’t Midori. After all, she/he has blonde hair. Still, that gives the big question as to who the hell it is, and if Midori is somehow connected. Either Midori isn’t connected at all and just found Ran because she has powers, or she found her because she knows of this other person. It’ll be interesting to see what’ll happen.

I am really curious as to what Rui’s power is exactly. It seems like its quite different then Midori or Ran’s power, yet he obviously has some kind of power. First of all Ran can’t read his mind, second Midori seems to think him touching Ran was the reason her powers stopped, yet when he did it again it seemed like her powers increased. I’m sure he’ll end up working with Ran for whatever she end sup doing, but what she’ll do exactly will be interesting.

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  1. Did like how the second episode just carried on some questions concerning Rui’s ability. Clearly the guy isn’t normal and its not like Ran can’t read his mind because she likes him. Though I’m sure that’s a bonus in her book. Clearly has an impact on Ran’s powers, but the exact details are still lost for me.

    Sometimes you’d just rather avoid knowing everything the other person is thinking. Since we are people and sometimes we have negative thoughts about others, even our friends. If Ran didn’t have good people around her then the feelings coming from rejection and fear of that could have crushed her.

    Do add to the Midori situation by showing how she seemed to lack that kind of support. Was so shaken when Ran proclaimed that she was accepted no matter what her powers. Would be some coincidence that she arrived along the time when these events started to happen.

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