Telepathy Shoujo Ran – 01

Ran, a young girl, begins to hear voices in her head as she encounters a girl with telepathic powers similar to the ones she unbeknownst has.


Wow, this is quite a bit different then I thought the show would be like, however I definitely like this version way better then I thought the show was going to be about. I thought the show was going to be a lot more light hearted, from the description people use telepathic powers to solve mysterious, I thought it would be all fun and easy going, however its pretty dark. They’ve already basically shown someone getting murdered in what I thought was somewhat of a children’s show. Plus Midori was doing some pretty evil stuff, causing pain to someone in order to see Ran’s power, and so on. This show is way different then I thought, but I definitely like this new version, the way it turned out, much better. It should be interesting and I hope they don’t loose the serious and dark aspects of this show, as that’s what’s making it so interesting right now.

I definitely think Midori is going to be a pretty interesting character. Although it seems like she’s pretty evil, we’ve already seen a scene that shows she has a fairly tragic back-story which could explain why she’s like the way she is. Because they’ve already introduced a back-story when they introduced her, I’m sure her character development will be a pretty important apart of this series, and will be interesting to see.

One thought on “Telepathy Shoujo Ran – 01”

  1. Yeah with that flashback you could figure out how she developed to be such a person. Though doesn’t give excuses to go around hurting people just to test the strength of Ran’s power. Just lines you shouldn’t cross like that.

    Honestly was pretty curious about Rui in this episode. Aside from the voice that almost made me fall out of my chair (god that guy sounds passive) there are interesting things. Like how suddenly grabbing Ran’s hand stopped everything. Sure it could have been surprise on Ran’s part, but just seemed like there was more to it than that.

    Didn’t think we’d see someone get roasted in the first episode though.

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