My Very Late Summer Season Picks

I realize this post is extremely late seeing as how it talks about the shows I’m going to watch for the new season when the new season has pretty much started and has been going for a while. However I’ve been busy and better late then never. Anyways, seeing as how I was late with this post, a lot of things are going on so I’ll take a slightly less load, however all in all I’ll be more active then I have been this past couple of weeks.

So without further delay, I’ll post on the shows I’ll be watching this new season, and why. However since this is already late, and so I have more time to catch up on the posts I still have to do, I won’t include pictures.

Regular Blog Shows:

Telepathy Shoujo Ran

Seems interesting and shoujo enough for me to watch it, so I will. Not much more to it then that. It doesn’t seem like it will be random romance comedy anime and have a bit more mystery and fantasy element to it, so I’m looking forward to that.

Zero no Tsukaima ~Miyoshi Hime no Rondo~

This is an absolute no brainer. I watched and blogged the first two seasons of this show and absolutely loved them. Kugimiya Rie is one of my favorite seiyuus of all time as well. Although I’ve heard that the ending to the second season was radically different then the way the novels end, so a third season will be interesting. They may have to change things a bit. Either way, I mainly hope for serious romance advancement. The second season had a lot of it, but what really pissed me off in the last season it’s that they kind of undid a lot of the progress they made with the romance. I just hope they have some more romance progress. Hell, aren’t they technically married. Having Louise be tsundere is good and all, but not at the cost of romance development.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu

This seems like it has quite a lot of potential to it. A fairly unique premise with a cute/hot girl who is extremely into anime and manga. That alone is enough of a reason to watch it, not to mention I’ve heard of several people who are fans of the source material. It seems very promising.

Quick Blog Shows:


I don’t really have any hope of this showing being something amazing and outstanding, however I’m not completely opposed to just watching an anime that’s main point is to be stupid, fanservicy, and funny. This definitely seems like it will be full of fanservice and some slapstick and less then high society humor, but its sometimes fun to just watch those kinds of shows.

Natsume Yuujin-chou

This seems interesting. It seems like it has a lot more going for it then some of the other shows this season which are likely to be mainly full of comedy and useless fluff like content. However this seems like it has a lot of good potential.

Strike Witches

This reminds me of Sky Girls a lot, and although Sky Girls didn’t turn out to be the epitome of an amazing show, it was still pretty interesting enough. It’s not like this is related to that though, but I watched Sky Girls and I like the genre this seems to fit in, so I’ll definitely be watching.

Hidamari Sketch x365

I watched and blogged the first season, and loved it. It wasn’t absolutely fall down hilarious, but it was still funny. It was a nice slice of life. No huge drama or romance or anything, but it was a sweet heartwarming slice of life like show and the characters were good. However because of its calm nature it’s a bit hard to do an episode by episode post, so it goes here.

Koihime + Musou

Well one of the main things I heard about this show is that it has or comes from a game that has an all female cast, lots of comedy and romance with hot girls, from an eroge adaption. That is enough for me, especially for a show that I’m just going to watch for fun, and this definitely sounds like it will be very fun to watch.


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