Macross Frontier – 12

When problems arise on the planet Sheryl and Altoh land on, Ranka is accompanied by Michael to help solve the problem.


This episode was great. It had a ton of content to it, action, plot, romance, and character development. The two plot things they seemed to have going was a continual development of the issue with the Zentradi. There definitely seems to be factions that don’t want to coexist with everyone, and that could definitely lead to some problems and issues later on. Then the other, the discovery of Macross. Now, I haven’t seen the original series, this is the first Macross series I’ve seen, so I’m not quite sure what the significance behind finding this thing is, but it seems to be big just from what I picked up in this episode.

Now for the romance…This show is really driving me up the walls with this romance development. It’s all over the place and I don’t’ know what to think. Really looking at examining it, it’s very complex. On one hand this episode was great for Ranka. I’m a big fan of Ranka and ideally would want her to end up with Altoh; however I wouldn’t hate the show for a Sheryl ending. However while this episode was good for Ranka, at the same time being good for her is being bad for her. I still believe strongly in the romance anime law that usually the girl who has the most to loose from NOT ending up with the guy, will end up with him. This episode being good for Ranka made Sheryl kind of worse. That may seem good, but I don’t see this show just leaving a character like her to be absolutely miserable. Even though Ranka and Altoh are getting closer, and that’s good, this episode also showed how much Ranka is improving career wise. She averted a civil war and is already considered to be a celebrity almost. While Sheryl failed to do what she was supposed to, and is kind of not doing that great. While Altoh and Ranka are closer, and that’s good, I just don’t see Sheryl staying some washed up has been celebrity who lost her love interest to someone who is doing so well where she fell.

2 thoughts on “Macross Frontier – 12”

  1. And that’s why we love Sheryl and Frontier. Love triangles work best when it seems like either girl could win. OR rather we don’t mind if either girl wins :D

    Wouldn’t worry about Sheryl too much. Firecracker like her will aways bounce back.

  2. Darn, right this episode reminds me of the the macross 7 series way back. Remember Sound Force? Nekki Basara and the gang flying their mechas equipped with speakers. Hoping to stop the enemies by giving them a song number. Well, this one’s way cooler!

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