Kanokon – Final Impressions

Well this was certainly an interesting show. Continuously referred to by many as the worst show of this season. While it certainly wasn’t an amazing gem of a show, it wasn’t really that bad. It had its good points to it, by that I mean it was fun to watch because of how bad it was. It didn’t really try and be something amazing, it pretty much tried to be extremely vulgar, stupid, and slapstick ecchi humor. However, just because it falls into that genre doesn’t mean it’s not worth watching. The question isn’t whether or not the show was good, that is pretty obvious in that its not. However the main question this show comes down to is was it worth watching.

I would have to say it was worth watching. I’m in no way saying this show is great or even that good, but it went to such a high and ridiculous level with the ecchi comedy that it was fun to watch. You don’t often see a show like this with that high level of ecchiness. At most you sometimes get panty shots, you don’t get one girl constantly getting naked and openly trying to have sex with a guy. It was pretty new to see, so that level of comedy and appreciating the show for just being what it is and the show isn’t that bad.

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