Da Capo II Season 2 – 13 [Final]

Two months after Yoshiyuki’s disappearance, Otome and Yume try to live like normal even though they still remember him.


I thought this episode was great. I was a bit skeptical on them having Yoshiyuki return at first, since it would be the clichéd dues ex machine type ending where everything returns to the way it was, however it ended up working rather well and although I thought some of the sacrifices and events throughout the series would be cheapened by him coming back, they weren’t.

At first I was really worried about the romantic aspect to the conclusion. After all, both Yume and Otome had both confessed to Yoshiyuki, and he didn’t really say yes to one of them as opposed to the other. It was still open ended as to who he could end up with. Although I usually like for them to actually conclude the romantic progress they make, I was pretty much fine with the way things went. It was a big enough event for them both to announce their feelings and for him to come back, plus since this is adapted from a game there really isn’t one set girl who is supposed to win, the way they left it the anime version could easily end up wither either or the sisters, which is interesting.

Final Words:

Wow, its hard to express how surprised and impressed I am with this series in general. I was expecting this to be similar to the first season, focusing on some rather unimportant things and eventually ending up with one girl. However I never expected it to be filled with such interesting plot, huge emotions, and just great moments. This really was very similar to the first Da Capo series in its quality. The story revolving around the magic tree was very interesting. It really seemed like Yoshiyuki and Otome were completely screwed and there was nothing that could be done. Having the situation turn that dire really made this series interesting. I couldn’t wait to watch the next episode time and time again.

I thought the ending was great. I had originally thought the actual end of this series was last episode, episode 12. When I saw that episode, and believed it was the last episode I was stunned. Then I learned it wasn’t’ the last episode, so I effectively got to experience tow different endings since I didn’t know beforehand. I do have to say that although a tragic end may be good for some shows, I liked its happy ending so much. Hell, I don’t even mind there was no definite romantic conclusion between Otome and Yume, I’m just happy he came back. This series still has a lot of dark story to it, after all Sakura and Junichi still sacrificed their life. I’m very impressed with everything really.

3 thoughts on “Da Capo II Season 2 – 13 [Final]”

  1. You’ve pretty much summed up my thoughts on this series. It pulled the same emotions from me as the original Da Capo did, and makes me wonder why they bothered making Da Capo II season 1.

  2. I was very busy recently so I didn’t have time to get them in, but I’m not going to stop doing them. This week should have a new one.

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