Da Capo II Season 2 – 12


Yoshiyuki deals with his final days in existence by going on a date with Yume and saying goodbye to Otome.


Wow…. That episode was amazing. I’ll talk about the show in general below, and the ending, but despite how it turned out it was certainly emotional. I was very impressed with how many of these scenes had great emotional investments in them. It wasn’t just the characters crying, after having gotten o know these characters this show did a great job of making you care about them being sad.

I thought the bit with Yume was done really well. I’m glad there was more depth to it then just her liking him. Its one thing for her to like him and know he’s going to disappear, but I wouldn’t have guessed she knew he was going to disappear form a long time ago. To love someone but know they would disappear is horrible, as you can’t do anything with them knowing it would just cause you and them more tragedy, plus the general fact they are disappearing. I feel very sorry for her.

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  1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I’m pretty sure that there’s one more episode left, so they probably will have some sort of definitive pairing.

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