Druaga no To – The Aegis of Uruk – 12 [Final]

Jil continues to try and fight against Druaga on the top floor of the tower.


WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?! I had no idea this series was going to have a sequel so I was under the assumption it was going to end with this episode. However not only does it turn out it has a sequel, they don’t conclude anything in this season and they leave things off with the biggest cliffhanger they’ve had throughout the entire show. My mouth was just left hanging open at this ending. They sure as hell better end up releasing that sequel season as this season is crap if it’s not concluded sometime. This series relied heavily on the ending because so much of the great character development and plot started to get revealed. I really want to know what happens now. Not only that but they revealed new things in addition to the cliffhanger which brings even more mystery to everything. In addition to the cliffhanger of Neeba and Kaaya leaving off together, it seems Pazuz still isn’t dead and is taking orders from someone else, a loli or something. Plus Gilgamesh still seems to be a big part of this, as not only did he kill some people for some seemingly unknown reason but he has the blue crystal rod, which questions what Kaaya and Neeba are doing or going for in this other tower.

It does seem like they revealed more about the two colored ghosts. The blue one seems to be or used to be Druaga’s woman, so what happened to her is a bit a mystery. It seems to fit that Ki, the red one, was connected to Gilgamesh and was his love, yet something unknown happened to her as well, yet not before something involving Kaaya happened. Either she is a daughter or granddaughter or it’s more complicated like a clone or reincarnation.

Final Words:

This certainly was an interesting series. Starting out with one of the funniest episodes I’ve ever seen in a first episode, then going into some serious focus, and then occasionally going into pure comedy mode, then serious again. Although it seems like it wouldn’t work at all to have a switch like that between comedy and action, it worked surprisingly well for this show, and I have to compliment it on that. The comedy parts really were pretty good. I think part of what made the comedy work so well in an otherwise action oriented series that that it was purposely just over the top. They didn’t’ try and do a lot of subtle jokes or anything. At times they would just go into full blown ridiculous situations like the ever changing physical appearance or doing some crazy ridiculous dance. The comedy wasn’t really needed. In fact the show would have worked fine without it, but commendably it didn’t seem to take anything away from the show either.

I really was surprised at how good the rest of the plot was compared to the comedy. After the first episode being so good it really seemed as if this show would be better if it was pure comedy. While the show didn’t have absolutely breathtaking or outstanding episodes all the way though, when it reached the end there were several interesting plot devices still in the air that all came together rather interestingly. It wasn’t just the big plot of climbing to the top of the tower that was so interesting, but it was also some of the character histories and motivations that made it what it was. What the hell happened in Neeba’s past, how will Jil’s lack of motivation affect things, what is Kaaya’s connection to…blah blah blah. Things like that were what made the show interesting in the end and I’m impressed with the amount of those plot devices.

Still, all of this is pretty meaningless considering that it left off with such a huge cliffhanger. Although the comedy in this series was good I hope there is less of it in the next one just because there are so many unanswered questions.

5 thoughts on “Druaga no To – The Aegis of Uruk – 12 [Final]”

  1. I hate this. I really really hate this. I believe there are many people agree with me. I knew that Kaaya would be the one betrayals, and i dont like the main male character, jil, anyway, but, it ended like this??? i just really really hate it. What is the point to produce an anime which makes people hate it??? They could have at least hint or tell or watever a little bit about why kaaya betrayed, even there’s a good reason behind it. And the long way till S2??? they thought that by doing that they would make more people keep watching their anime like this??? It’s soooo wrong. Obviously I, as their “victim”, have to wait for S2, not because i want to enjoy it, but because i am being forced to. I will not watch any of their anime, GONZO, anymore. and for S2, i will just read the wiki or wherever I could find the details of S2 episodes. I wont waste my time anymore for this craps. What a waste of time to watch the 1st season and all i got is piss and hate itself. Yeah, in anime, kaaya betrayed everyone, and outside, i feel like this anime betrayed me ……….

  2. @Dark

    you overreacting, Its just an anime. To some its feels like an the end, to me its a prelude to second season, lets think of it this way would it had make a difference if this series was a 24 episode rather than 2 part anime series. clearly its the same thing with a bit of time lag, understandable if you don’t like cliffhanger ending.

    So why can’t people just wait like a good fan? Kaaya betrayal and everything else will be hopefully explain in season 2, paitence gets rewarded.

    “What is the point to produce an anime which makes people hate it??? ” clearly you don’t consider the larger picture that alot of people enjoy it, read youtube comments or CR comments, the majority like this ending and will wait for season 2.

    again anime is a media of free choice you’re clearly not obligated to watch anything you don’t want to.

    There’s always code geass and gundam 00 to rant.

  3. Yeah, I think you’re a little off on your logic there. You seem to think that a show having a cliffhanger is a direct insult. There are several shows that have cliffhangers between seasons…. like, all of the shows that have multiple seasons pretty much are cliffhangers, otherwise there would be no reason for wanting to see that second season. As long as the show doesn’t end like this, and there is another season, I see no problem.

  4. I kind of thought something would happen in this episode, but admit season 2 wasn’t it. Things just didn’t make sense to end here. For one you’d toss in 3 betrayals in one episode which seemed rushed and there just was too much to be resolved. Like the situation with Ki and that woman who was the servant of the real Druaga. Frankly I’m happy they are giving a second season since they can really develop things. Still was a huge shock to get this surprise season sprung on us.

    You knew that Neeba and Kaaya would be betrayals. But doubt anyone expected what was going to happen with Gilgamesh. Wonder if its just the dark things that have happened to him during his reign that is affecting him? Or maybe when he killed Druaga that dark influence was latched onto him and slowly influenced him over the years. Kind of ultimate price to pay even when you save the girl.

    Really am looking forward to the second part. Do think comedy and adventure can be mixed together just fine if handled right. Remembering the Slayers series for doing that pretty well.

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