Special A ~S.A.~ – 11

Hikari and Tadashi go on a date so Tadashi can fool his mother.


I was a bit surprised to see a Tadashi focused episode like this, mainly because he seemed to be the character with the least amount going on. He never seemed like an interesting character back-story wise, he was always just there to make some kind of comment that might be more blunt then others and then get hit y Akira. However for a character that seemed to have nothing going on for him, his episode was pretty interesting. Although it didn’t all come from his story, it was fun to just see him and Hikari on a “date” but it was still more then I expected form an episode revolving around him.

It seems like next episode we’ll finally get some Kei and Hikari development, hopefully. I thought that’s what this episode would entail, as I didn’t pay very close attention in the preview for this episode and thought the guy who was with Hikari was Kei. Still, Kei and Akira are the only characters that still need a bit of closure. However we already pretty much know everything about Akira’s situation. Although we don’t know what caused her and Yahiro to never see each other again, it really doesn’t matter as nothing will change until Akira makes the first step. I do want to see how that concludes, as it’s the most interesting of the back stories with the side characters, however I want some closure on the main story too.

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  1. Have to say Tadashi and Hikari could probably get along quite well since they are both pretty dense. I mean they don’t recognize their friends because they changed their clothes….Of course main thing is Hikari and Kei at the end of the day. Was just a nice episode to get some background on Tadashi and maybe why he likes to wander so much. If I had a mother that threatened to toss me out a window I’d probably stay away too. She’s not a bad person, but hard to have a solid connection with the way she handles things.

    Do need to find out about just what happened with Akira and Yahiro. Depending on the situation may not blame Akira at all for not wanting to make any step. Just not sure what could have happened for things to turn out like this.

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