Macross Frontier – 11

Ranka’s dream continues to grow and grow while Sheryl spends more time with Altoh.


I’m really torn with what to think regarding the romance. I’m a big Ranka fan and would really like for her to end up with Altoh, however with each episode it seems less and less likely by HUGE amounts that she’ll be the one who ends up with him. Generally in this situation one girl will end up with the guy and the other, because of the guy, will end up achieving her dreams. Ranka is becoming super popular it seems which almost means she doesn’t need him. Going back to my main principle that I find applies to 90percent of anime where there is a love triangle, the girl who has the most to loose from not ending up with the guy will end up with him. At first that seemed to be Ranka but it seems now to be Sheryl. After all Ranka is becoming more famous and going for her dreams, she has close friends to support her and a brother figure in her life, however all Sheryl has is a mysterious and possibly evil manager and no one who understands her real feelings.

Even though I originally wanted Ranka to win at this point I’m going to say I don’t care who he end sup with, and really mean it. Not that I don’t’ care bout the show, but I want Altoh to end up with whoever the story fits with. If the show progresses more and it turns out that him ending up with Sheryl really would fit better and make the show better, then that’s who I want. I won’t hate the show for having one girl end up with him over the other. Still, I kind of want Ranka to win but I’ll be fine with Sheryl. Though it really seems that Ranka will loose.

Grace is certainly more interesting now. I didn’t notice that she was the one pulling the strings with the android guy by her voice in the last episode, but she always did seem like a strange and mysterious character. It will be interesting to see if she is completely orchestrating something or if she is under the command of yet another person. Plus there is always the chance she isn’t pure evil, but just trying to get something though any means. Regardless, it really doesn’t matter at all right now, but just her presence in being mysterious and now obviously more involved then she was shown before will have a big impact on things later.

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