D. Gray-Man – 88

Lavi continues to struggle against the images he sees in the dream Road has placed him in.


I wasn’t expecting this episode to be as focused on Lavi as it was, but I’m really glad it was. I thought we would have t o wait a long time to get more character development on any of the side characters like Lavi, but most of this episode was character development. Revealing things about his past, emphasizing more and more about the duties of Bookman, it was pretty interesting.

It will be interesting to see what happens to road now. I really doubt that this is the end of her, and I would actually be a bit upset if it was because she’s way too important of a character, as she was the first Noah. However that would mean she recovers from the blow given to her which kind of adds to her being unstoppable. Lavi did everything possible to attack her, there’s noting more that could have been done yet if she survives this, it really raises the question on how the hell they kill her for good later on.

I’m really not sure what to expect in the next episode. It’s really unclear of what exactly happened at the end regarding Lavi in both of the worlds. It seemed like he faded away in the dream world, which could me he just escaped or it could mean something else. He seems to have a body in the real world yet the preview suggested Allen and Lenalee unable to get him to respond. It’s mostly due to this being a rather weird situation but I’m not sure what the hell is exactly going on or what to expect, so the next episode will hopefully answer a lot of questions.

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  1. episode was awesome animation style was really good. Well soon tiki mikk will awaken gine be so awesome

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