Itazura na Kiss – 10

Kotoko deals with her dad’s decision to move them out of the Irie house.


This episode was pretty good but in the end it didn’t really amount to much. I’m a bit worried about this series because of some things like that. Although it has some great episodes and its fun to watch, it feels like we’re not getting anywhere, which is completely understandable for almost nay type of shoujo show. Seeing as how this series spans ten years and the anime is supposed to stop around way short of that, I just fear for a lack of closure the show is going to have. Even though this episode had a little bit of Irie being nice to Kotoko and it showed some of the emotions involved, without any big step one way or another it won’t mean anything in the end. I just hope the episodes stay fun as individual ones if we’re not going to get any kind of closure.

The next episode seems like it will be more or less the same thing, dealing with no real huge progress. However it has Matsumoto in it so that will at lest be fun to watch, if not add a small amount of development. Right now one of the most interesting things they have going is the rivalry for Irie with Matsumoto. Although I don’t think she will actually end up doing much, her presence might spark some good character development moments for either Kotoko or Irie.

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  1. I don’t know if they are allowed to have an ending but the manga is unfinished since the mangaka died so I guess in the end we won’t get any (official) closure. I’m saying this because the Taiwanese drama version ended with the last volume of the manga. I heard they were not allowed to make up a story for the ending.(So sad because their adaptation is good and satisfying) But since this is anime, I’m hoping that they will end it. ^^

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