D. Gray-Man – 87

Allen faces off against Tykki with his new Sword of Exorcism.


Wow, this episode certainly didn’t disappoint. I’m still shocked at what happened regarding Tykki. First of all the sword is very cool. I’m really interested in what kind of connection it has to the Earl. I didn’t ever connect the two of them but it seems like it’s the same sword or very similar to the one the Earl uses. The fact that it only kills the evil part is pretty cool too. I wasn’t expecting him to fell Tykki like that, but it was very cool. It makes sense to turn out that way though since Tykki does have this other side. However I wouldn’t be surprised if somehow Road makes him evil again. I was actually expecting Road to kill him right after that happened to him. After all she kind of views the Noah part as her family, if that’s gone she doesn’t view Tykki as the same, she may kill him, however it seems odd for her to do that this long after it’s happened, so we’ll see.

The Lavi thing is certainly becoming more interesting. If nothing else it certainly was incredibly creepy. I was a little bit horrified at it. All of the dead bodies speaking in a very creepy voice like that was very weird. I’m really looking forward to what’ll happen next, as it seems like he fights Allen. He seems to do land a pretty big blow to him in the preview, but Allen also stabs him with his sword. However since they JUST revealed the sword only defeats evil and things like that, I’m not worried about the outcome of that stab. Still, it’ll be interesting to see what‘ll happen now because it definitely seems as if Road has kind of snapped due to Tykki’s fall.

3 thoughts on “D. Gray-Man – 87”

  1. yea this episode was awesom biut episode 88 was off the chain. well tyki down and out for now but when he awake up all hell will break loose

  2. Do wonder about Tyki’s future. If the Noah inside of him is permanently gone the guy we know won’t be the same. It will be like Allen did kill Tyki. Think Road still thinks something can be done for Tyki in terms of making him a Noah again. She cares about her family as much as Lenalee in comparison does for her exorcist family. So of course what just happened got her really angry.

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