Druaga no To – The Aegis of Uruk – 10

The remaining groups of climbers battle against the severe cold to get to the top of the tower.


This episode was very interesting. There were a lot of things that just added onto the big pile of mystery this show has. Now we find out these two ghosts we’ve been seeing know each other and almost seem to fulfill a role together. Plus we have what seems to be a set number of people allowed on the top floor, which was reached, and kind of means everyone else and even those who made it, are screwed since the Summer of Anu is over.

I do have to say, although it wasn’t a huge part of this episode, I feel incredibly sorry for Fatina. Even though she likes Neeba and got a kiss from him, it seems completely true that Neeba has absolutely no interest in her and is just using her. The only reason he gave her the kiss was to motivate her or to get her to work harder for him. He is completely using her and she doesn’t know, so I feel pretty bad for her.

I think the most interesting part of this episode, and really one of the more interesting points in the entire series, is this big focus on Jil’s motivation. Neeba seemed to think pretty strongly of the fact that he has no goal and that because of that he would be endangering others. It does seem like he doesn’t have a definite plan. It really seems to be affecting Kaaya’s view on him too, the fact that she really demanded to know what his plans were. I’m curious to see what problems this will cause later on.

One thought on “Druaga no To – The Aegis of Uruk – 10”

  1. Neeba really is so focused on what he wants that he will do anything to succeed. Leaving the Uruk army to get decimated while weakening the dragon so he could finish it easily. Not having much to say once Kally died, and now manipulating Fatina’s feelings. Obviously she wasn’t going to head back anyways. Considering the dangers she’d never make it back alive. Wonder just what the heck Neeba is after that he’s willing to do all this in order to win?

    Jil not having a definite wish for the rod might make it easier. Since you wouldn’t have to worry about his objective and could fight with him to the top. Problems could really come among the group since with different goals they might be more willing to let someone else take the fall and thus get closer to the prize. Even amongst groups that want the same thing it doesn’t guarantee harmony. With money one person may want it all for themselves and try to take out their teammates after they’ve made it to the top.

    All those people below really are in trouble. The monsters are out in force and the only ones down there are teams that weren’t strong enough to make it to the top quickly enough.

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