Macross Frontier – 10

Ranka is asked to participate in a movie and Altoh and Sheryl both are on the scene.


Wow, this episode blew me away. I continue to be amazed at this show on so many levels. It develops both the action plot involving the Vajra and this weird android guy while at the same time developing the romantic and character parts of it. They do both of them at almost the same time while not leaving one of them feel boring. I’m drawn into both of them and care deeply for both. It’s simply amazing. This episode did exactly that, it developed both of them and while it may not have made any huge steps forward they did it in such a way that it wasn’t boring at all and kept my interest.

I’m still the most concerned about the romantic part of this show. Not rally concerned I guess, as I know the series will have a great romance focus to it, but I’m more interested in that then the plot involving the Vajra. I keep feeling so sorry for Ranka. She tries so hard yet Altoh is always with Sheryl, she seems them kiss, she seems to be on the loosing end always, almost enough to make me loose hope for her ending up with him, which is what I really want. One of my main concerns now is that Ranka will fall for that android guy or something will happen between the two of them. If she keeps being on the loosing end of the battle for Altoh, it may happen. He seems interested in her; he saved her from the Hydra even when it seemed he wasn’t supposed to. Plus since he was taking orders it’s likely he’s not pure evil or anything.

What caught my attention the most in this episode though was this gigantic metaphor that the movie was. Ranka and Sheryl and Altoh all being the characters. Ranka falling in love with Altoh despite knowing Sheryl’s feelings. Even though Sheryl said the kiss meant nothing it seemed enough to spark Ranka understanding the characters. Hell, Ranka’s brother even seemed to wonder if it was fate that she was playing this character, seeming to understand its real life significance. My question is how exactly the movie ends and what it means for everything else.

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  1. Maybe I am miss understanding your last comment “My question is how exactly the movie ends and what it means for everything else.” You do realize that the movie is Macross Zero right? They even reused the stock footage from the series. So if you want to know how the movie ends go watch Macross Zero.

  2. Well, how the movie ends is “Kawamori, on his New Age kick, sends everyone ascending to heaven except for Mao. Who survived to become Doctor Mao Nome… and was apparently alive long enough to not only earn a doctorate, but to be known of by Ozma Lee, which suggests she became famous for various things involving possibly the Protoculture given her early experience with it.

    And given that this is Macross, the romance and battle plots will undoubtedly tie together later, so enjoy the simplicity while it lasts. ;)

  3. Certainly can agree with the sympathizing for Ranka. Really does seem to be stuck in that underdog role. Even though she is understanding her feelings a lot more at the end of this can’t say much for Alto. Seems a lot closer to Sheryl right now, but with so much series left to unfold can’t really jump to conclusions. At least with this Ranka will get her career jump started. Getting a big role in that movie, plus the song is a nice bonus.

    Will definitely check out Macross Zero now, if only to see the full story of that movie.

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