Druaga no To – The Aegis of Uruk – 08

Jil attempts to climb the tower of the past, being controlled by his other party members.


Wow…this episode was….odd. At first it seemed like it was mainly a comedy episode and I guess for the most part that’s indeed what it was. It was one of the episodes that was pretty much just humor and it had some really weird things in it that were pretty funny. For a pure comedy episode it was pretty good. It wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t bad. It was pretty funny. However it was really odd because that’s not all it was. At the very end there was a huge amount of overall plot revealed. More then any other episode has revealed so far which seems a bit odd for an otherwise comedy only episode. However it was still interesting and brought up several questions regardless.

The first question this episode brought up is what exactly that tower thing is. It seemed like it was almost just a game, however that means it can’t be the actual real tower that Gil climbed, I think. Whatever it was, it was important enough despite being a game that when Jil got to the top and awakened some kind of version of Kaaya, like an ancestor or something that everyone noticed it even people that weren’t in the tower, like Gilgamesh. Hell, he seemed to know exactly what was going on too. Another question is what the hell was this person talking about when she mentioned three betrayals? Well, ok I guess that’s not cryptic, three people will betray him, but who and how I’m really interested in. For a comedy episode, this episode had more questions and mysterious revealed about the overall plot then all other episodes combined, it was certainly interesting.

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