Special A ~S.A.~ – 09

Kei tries to go rescue Hikari after she follows Yahiro back to his villa.


I thought this episode was great, I was quite surprised. For the most part this series hasn’t really impressed me a lot. I’ve been able to find plenty of things that I have a problem with. However I really did think this was one of the better episodes they’ve had for this series. Not only did it have some pretty interesting development between Kei and Hikari, with Kei being incredibly worried about her, Hikari seeing that, and the kiss, but it also had some great development about this back-story that Yahiro and Akira seem to have. They haven’t really gone into much with the side characters but because of how slowly things are moving with Kei and Hikari I’m inclined to say I find what’s happening with Akira and Yahiro more interesting. I’m very curious to find out what happened between them. Yahiro obviously did something that pissed Akira off. However right now it seems Akira wants to resolve things but isn’t sure how, and that Yahiro still definitely has feelings for her. I just hope they end up resolving this and not leaving it open ended like it seems the main story will be.

It seems like the next episode will deal with the twins a bit. However I’m not expecting anything to be that interesting. Chances are the episode will become mostly fluff like it has been for a while. I’ve pretty much accepted that, I just hope that they conclude some of the interesting stuff they’ve built up.

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